International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage

Awards & Recognition

ICID has food and water security at the core of its mandate to address one of the biggest challenges of the present times - how to grow sufficient food to feed rapidly growing population sustainably under uncertainties of climate change. Over the decades, ICID has been a constant witness to technological developments in the fields of satellite or sensor-based water measurements such as GIS and tensiometers, efficient water transport and delivery systems such as piped irrigation using surface or sub-surface drips; and scientific management regimes that make precision irrigation possible.  To better document and reward such innovations, ICID has instituted a number of awards to recognize the innovative work and encourage the researchers for their outstanding contributions, which promotes efficient utilization of water in agriculture. All researchers and innovators make use of ICID platform to share the benefits of their work that addresses the water productivity improvements in the agriculture sector globally. 

Nominations for the awards are received through the National Committees of ICID through a call sent out around the beginning of every calendar year. The application procedure, scheme, benefits and other relevant information for individual schemes are provided in their respective pages.

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