International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage

10th International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage
10th International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage
Theme - Theme: Not Available
Question 33: Economic evaluation of irrigation projects - studies developed and case studies of economic and environmental effects.
Question 34: Lateral subsurface drainage techniques and drainage construction methods.
Question 35: Operation and maintenance of irrigation and drainage systems (Organization, maintenance equipment, operation, etc.).
Special Session - Special Session: Mass transfer of water over long distances for regional development and its effects on the human environment
Symposium - Symposium: Development of techniques to recharge subterranean aquifers to conserve surplus river flows
NC Contact : Dr. Karantounias -, Secretary, Greek National Committee, ICID (GRCID), Professor, Agricultural University of Athens, Votanikos, Athens
Date : May 24, 1978 - Jun 04, 1978
Location : Athens, Greece, Greece

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