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Irrisearch, serves as an important tool in fulfilling the objectives of the International Research Program For Irrigation And Drainage (IRPID),  that is to serve as a repository of knowledge in the international irrigation and drainage sector. 

 It aims to bring together all agriculture water management (AWM) research activities from various National committees (NC) on a single forum to help others learn from their experiences. The IRPID program is one of the activities that could provide NCs an opportunity to improve its profile within the countries by providing qualified and keen researchers an opportunity to exchange and showcase ongoing independent research activities in the irrigation and drainage sector worldwide. All the Regional nodes (RN) and NCs are requested to encourage the research institutions in their respective countries working in AWM area to join the network by projecting key information of their research activities for wider dissemination and creating an open and enriched knowledge source for future research. 

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Irrisearch in its current version, came into existence during the 68th International Executive Council (IEC) meeting held in Mexico City in October 2017, with inputs from National Committees (NCs) and IRPID Nodes as per the directions of the AC-IRPID (International Research Program for Irrigation and Drainage: Advisory Committee).





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