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Country Policy Support Program (CPSP)


ICID launched a proposal in August 2002, called "Country Policy Support Program" (CPSP) to contribute to develop effective options for water resources development and management to achieve an acceptable food security level and sustainable rural development. The CPSP basically aims at assessing and integrating water needs for three sectors, viz. food, people and nature, for the present and for the year 2025, with a goal to evolve policy interventions.


The broad objective of the programme was to examine cross cutting issues and offer effective options for integrated water management in its participating countries. In the 1st phase of the programme (2002 -2005) five countries viz. China, India, Egypt, Mexico and Pakistan and five partnering international organizations viz., IWMIIFPRIFAOIPTRIDThe World Bank and the Asian Development Bank have participated. Country Policy Support Program (CPSP) was funded by the Sustainable Economic Development Department, National Policy Environment Division, Government of The Netherlands.


As an outcome of the CPSP, ICID brought more than 14 reports and a software called ‘Basin-wide Holistic Integrated Water Management (BHIWA) Model’ especially developed to provide an integrated computational framework for a basin level assessment of water resources with a view to evaluate water sector polices. All the reports/ software can be downloaded.


Through this programme, ICID got an opportunity to deliberate on the challenging and complex task of exploring strategic direction for addressing water policy issues considering needs of all sectors in an integrated manner, keeping food security and rural development as the main focus. ICID believes that the CPSP output is a valuable addition to the Knowledge Base in the water sector and is be of interest not only to the policy makers, planners and water managers of the concerned countries but also to various international / scientific / expert organizations.  We believe that the entire community dealing with the water related research, capacity building, funding and policies may find the products quite stimulating and help the future policy directions.



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Report 1

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Report 2

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Report 3


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Report 4

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Report 5

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Report 6



Report 7

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Report 9


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