International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage



Any geographical area independently administered by a sovereign government and interested to participate in the Commission's activities to work together towards achieving the vision and mission is eligible to become a National Committee (NC). The Commission advocates for the National Committees to be broad-based multi-disciplinary and should provide a platform for further collaborations with different sectors and relevant institutions with the parallel aim of a water-secure world free of poverty and hunger.

The National Committee membership of the Commission consists of governments, professionals, planners, policymakers, water managers, irrigation and agriculture engineers, research scientists and educationists; engaged in irrigation, drainage, flood control, agricultural water management and related areas within the countries through their National Committees (NC) traditionally organized under the respective government departments responsible for irrigation and agricultural water management. In case of difficulty with government participation, individuals/ institution(s) can join together and form a National Committee to represent the country.


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