International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage

The Commission advocates membership to be broad-based multi-disciplinary and should provide a platform for further collaborations with different sectors and relevant institutions with the parallel aim of a water-secure world. 
For broad basing the membership, ICID introduced Direct Membership in 2012 for Individuals, institutions and corporates from those countries that are not a Member of ICID, or those countries where the constitution of the National Committee does not have provision for the participation of individuals, institutions, or companies, can become Direct Member of ICID, provided they abide by the constitution of ICID.

Applications submitted for direct membership shall be considered by the International Executive Council (IEC) whose decision shall be final. Only after approval of the Council, membership will be considered.
Direct Membership Categories:
Companies: (A) With annual turnover up to US$ 1 million; (B) With annual turnover between USD 1-10 million; and (C) With annual turnover above USD 10 million; Institutions: (A) With 1-50 employees; (B) With 50 and above employees; and Individuals: (A) Individual; (B) Retiree; and (C) Young Professional

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