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The effective management of knowledge has been described as a critical ingredient for an organization seeking to ensure sustainable strategic competitive advantage. One of the important objectives of the Commission is to facilitate the exchange of information among its members and various stakeholders. This objective is achieved through a mix of communication tools/technologies like the Internet, publications (digital and print format), and social media. Dissemination of information, knowledge, and sharing of successful experiences in agriculture water management forms an important activity. 

ICID's publications is a plethora of resources relevant to the water sector at large; dealing in Agricultural water management, drainage, irrigation, flood control, and water heritage structures. The forum brings together technical outcomes of ICID's flagship events like ICID Congress, IEC meetings, WIFs, Conferences, Work body outcomes and the award-winning papers on advanced technologies and management practices. Publications from the national committees, international partners and collaborative work are also listed. 

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