International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage

Events & Activities

ICID provides a multidisciplinary international platform for water sector enthusiasts. Our network of over three hundred experts includes sector veterans from different countries and open learning platforms for students, upcoming researchers and the governments of all the nations. We believe in developing and promoting knowledge exchange to enable each and everybody while moving towards a water-secure world. Our work entails four major thematic areas of basin, schemes, on-farm, and knowledge. These broad categories cover fields like agricultural water management, flood controls, micro-irrigation, water-saving technologies, community initiatives and water-based structures like dams, canals, and barrages. 

As part of our activities, we organize different kinds of events all around the year in association with our national committees, partner organizations and other members from the water fraternity. Our events range from triennial events like World Irrigation Forums, ICID Congresses to important annual discussions like Internal Executive Council Meetings as well as activities that happen multiple times in a year in different parts of the world like Regional Conferences.

For a comprehensive understanding of all our activities and events you can go through the handbook attached below:

Handbook of Procedures


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