International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage

8th International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage
8th International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage
Theme - Theme: Not Available
Question 27: Field irrigation and drainage in deltaic, coastal and low-lying areas
Question 28: Recent and promising developments including mechanization of operations in the field of irrigation and drainage
Question 29: Factors affecting river training, and flood plain regulation (including flood zoning)
Special Session - Special Session: Essential measures for introduction and development of irrigation and drainage schemes in developing countries
Symposium - Symposium: Water resources system planning with special reference to irrigation, drainage and flood control
NC Contact : Mrs. Sonia Chehlarova ' Simeonova, Secretary, Bulgarian National Committee, ICID (BNCID), Researcher, Research Institute for Irrigation, Drainage, 136 Tzar Boris III 'Blvd, P.O. Box 384, 1618 SOFIA
Date : May 17, 1972 - May 27, 1972
Location : Varna, Bulgaria, Bulgaria

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