International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage

Manual on Non-Structural Approaches to Flood Management
Author: ?ICID - In Golden Jubilee Year: 1999-2000
Year: 1999, ISBN: 81-85068-70-1
Type: Special Publication, Format: Print
Various approaches are available for flood management. These comprise basically adjustments, adoption of one or more approaches being dictated by the situation, one is called upon to tackle. The attempts to manage the floods can be classified into following four main groups: (1) Attempts to modify the flood;?(2) Attempts to modify the susceptibility to flood damage;?(3) Attempts to modify loss burden;?(4) Preparing for and bearing the loss.?The first one calls for protection through physical structures and is termed a ?structural approach? whereas the other three, collectively are known as ?non-structural approaches?. The present manual discusses the non-structural approach and is an outcome of arduous effort put in by the ICID?s Working Group on ?Non-structural Aspects of Flood Management?.

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