International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage

Multilingual Technical Dictionary on Irrigation and Drainage
Author: ICID Central Office
Year: 1996, ISBN: 81-85068-57-7
Type: Special Publication, Format: Print
After the first edition of ICID Multilingual Technical Dictionary, new technologies have developed and new practices in design, construction, operation and maintenance of irrigation, drainage and flood control works have come into vogue. Computer aided system analysis has further revolutionized the water and land management strategies. Keeping in view these, Multilingual Technical Dictionary has been revised covering latest fields of application. Present edition of the dictionary is outcome of efforts put in by 42 experts from 11 countries, 15 International Organizations and ICID National Committees. This revised edition contains 10273 terms with definitions related to the field of irrigation, drainage, flood control, hydrology, hydraulic structures, construction techniques, environmental impact and other allied disciplines under 22 Chapters. Illustrative sketches for 557 selected terms have been given for greater clarity. Index of all the terms in alphabetical order has been included both in English and French, at the end to facilitate quick search. The Dictionary, it is hoped would be highly useful for engineers, researchers, students, professionals, planners, designers, academics and all others related with the field of irrigation and drainage.

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