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Selection Criteria for Irrigation Systems?
Selection Criteria for Irrigation Systems?
Author: Robert Hlavek, France
Year: 1995, ISBN: 81-85068-46-1
Type: Special Publication, Format: Print
This document has been brought out under the aegis of ICID ?Working Group on Mechanized Irrigation. It must be clear that the choice of the most appropriate irrigation system should not be made between two mechanized irrigation systems only. In every particular case, all existing alternatives must be considered whether they are hand-moved or fully automated. It is obvious that what is needed is not to propose ?the solution? but rather to draw the selection criteria which are required for the user to make his own decision. The document is divided into two parts : Part one, entitled ?The Condition of an Irrigation System Selection? includes, in detail, the possible selection criteria, drawing attention, on one hand to the possible interrelationship between criteria, and on the other hand to the relevance of the choice. This part defines briefly the types of equipment suitable for the study under consideration. A large section is reserved for the technical criteria. The major features (advantages, disadvantages) of the three irrigation methods, or ?large families? of irrigation techniques (surface irrigation/ sprinkler irrigation/ micro-irrigation) and their most important characteristics are presented. Part two, entitled ?The constraints to be satisfied by an irrigation System? presents in detail the constraints that affect the choice. It aims at specifying and improving the orientation given in Part One and should permit the choice of a ?technical solution?, generally within a given ?large family?. Particular attention is given in the Part Two, to the water delivery network case, because the selection at that level, depending on the situation, enlarges, or on the contrary restricts, the range of possible solution at farm level.

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