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Automation of Canal Irrigation Systems
Automation of Canal Irrigation Systems
Author: Jean Goussard, France
Year: 1993, ISBN: 81-85068-44-5
Type: Special Publication, Format: Print
A high efficiency of the water conveyance systems for irrigation is imperative for improved productivity of irrigated areas and for avoiding wasteful use of water. Proper monitoring and control of the water delivery system can best be established through automation. An appropriate setup to suit the site-specific requirements can be developed with the use of modern computers and innovative designs for the regulators and control gates. This ICID publication deals with the concept and logic of automation as well as the details of the hardware that go with it. This publication on automation of canal irrigation systems is the contribution of the ICID Working Group on Construction, Rehabilitation and Modernization of Irrigation Projects. This document, intended to serve as a guideline to owners, designers, operators and users who are considering automation of the projects for which they are responsible, be it new projects under design, or existing projects in operation, is in two parts:?Part I Concepts, reviews the operational advantages of automation, the control tasks amenable to automation, possible configurations of the control system, and the various automatic control logics and methods.?Part II Equipment, describes the types of equipment and the techniques by means of which the concepts set out in Part I may be applied, including passive regulators, conventional gates with automatic controllers, self-operating gates, position - level and flow sensors, means of communication, and master station hardware.

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