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Automated Farm Surface Irrigation Systems-Worldwide
Automated Farm Surface Irrigation Systems-Worldwide
Author: Allan S. Humpherys, USA
Year: 1986, ISBN: 81-85068-13-5
Type: Special Publication, Format: Print
Most of the irrigated land in the world is surface irrigated, with automation currently applied to only a small fraction of the total areas. Although irrigation efficiencies as high as 90 per cent or more are achievable for well-managed automation level basin systems (with pneumatic operators), the development of automated surface irrigation is still in its infancy and the number of commercially produced systems and components is small. The degree of automation varies from semi-automatic systems to fully automated systems. There is a large potential for the application of automated surface irrigation systems. This publication deals with on-farm irrigation and describes the state-of-the-art in automated surface irrigation worldwide. It discusses (a) Automation principles and design considerations; (b) Timers and controllers; (c) Open channel distribution systems; (d) Pipeline distribution systems; and (e) Future outlook. The publication is illustrated with photographs and figures.

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