International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage

State-of-the-art: Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control, No.1
Author: K.K. Framji
Year: 1978,
Type: Special Publication, Format: Print
This volume contains eleven selected State-of-the-art papers on various aspects of irrigation, drainage and flood control by international experts. The papers present current thinking and are valuable for advancement and dissemination of knowledge. The papers are: 1. Reclamation and environmental protection - by Dr. Josef Riha (Czechoslovakia) 2. Role of land reclamation in solving world food problems - by M. Grehan (FAO) 3. Measures for the quick utilization of irrigation potential created by new irrigation projects - by G.E. Papadopoulos (Greece) 4. Modern trends in mechanization of construction of irrigation and drainage projects - by Gordon P. Hawkins (USA) 5. Improvement of irrigation methods - by Prof. P.L. Romita and Dr. G.L. Galbiati (Italy) 6. Artificial groundwater recharge - by William C. Bianchi (USA) 7. Weed control in irrigation systems - By G.R. Sainty (Australia) 8. Saline and alkaline soils, their use, improvement and related problems - by Dr. V.A. Dukhovny (USSR) 9. L'Automatique dans I'irrigation (Automation in irrigation) - Coordinateur: J. Verdier (France) 10. Use of precast units in hydraulic structures construction - by B.V. Orlov and A.M. Volynov (USSR) 11. New solutions in the field of flood control - by K. Stelczer (Hungary)

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