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Climate Change Adaptation for Irrigation and Drainage in Asia ? Report of the Asian Regional Task Force for Climate Change
Author: Dr. Karim Shiati (Iran), Mr. Taner Kimence, Prof. Dr. Riza Kanber (Turkey), Mr. B.C. Vishwakarma (India), Mr. Uttam Raj Timilsina (Nepal), Mr. Waseem Nazir (Pakistan), Dr. Fransisca (Indonesia), Ms. Zalilah binti Selamat, Mr. Thian Kim Tai (Malaysia), Mr. Olm Myint (Myanmar), Dr. Arthons Suttigarn (Thailand), Dr. Gao Zhanyi, Mr. Li Daixin (China), Prof. Dr. Kuo Sheng-Feng (Chinese Taipei), Mr. Shinsuke Ota, Dr. Takao Masumoto (Japan), Prof. Dr. Kim Tai-Cheol (Korea), Mr. Yutaka Sumita,Mr. Mitukuni Watanabe (Japan)
Year: 2012,
Type: Special Publication, Format: Print & Electronic
The Asian Regional Working Group (ASRWG) organized several workshops and seminars on the subject. It set up an Asian Regional Task Force on Climate Change (ARTF-CC) to study the effects of climate change in the field of irrigation and drainage in Asia. The participating countries were: China, Indian, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, and Turkey. The study was carried out in two steps. This status report is based on the outcomes of these deliberations and case studies.

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