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Solar Powered Irrigation Systems in India: Lessons for Africa Through a FAO Study Tour
Author: ICID-FAO
Year: 2019,
Type: Special Publication, Format: Electronic
This report highlights important initiatives, their implementation and impacts especially in three States namely, Punjab, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, as a part of the study material for a visiting delegation consisting of Dr. Ayman Elsayed Ibrahim Shahin, Sector Head of Monitoring Systems & Communication, Information and Assets Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Mr. Gabouj Ridha, General Director of Rural Engineering and Water Management, Ministry of Agriculture Water Resources and fisheries, Tunis, Tunisia, and Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Hamid, Senior Land and Water Officer, FAO Regional Office for the Near East and North Africa, Cairo, Egypt.
Solar water pumping for irrigation is being promoted worldwide by the Governments to address the continued demand by farmers to extend the electricity transmission network to all agricultural fields to enable them to avoid the use of expensive diesel for running irrigation pumps. Solar pumping systems offer superior solution to address such issue besides addressing the issues of depleting groundwater and other energy needs at the farm.

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