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Water Saving in Agriculture?
Water Saving in Agriculture?
Author: ICID
Year: 2008, ISBN: 81-89610-08-2
Type: Special Publication, Format: Print
ICID instituted 'WatSave Awards' in 1997 to recognize professionals for their outstanding contribution to water saving in agriculture across the world. Since its establishment, there has been an overwhelming response and over 135 nominations from ICID national committees were received. So far, 24 awards have been given to the professionals coming from 12 countries across the world. Earlier, a booklet providing primary information about the water saving practices adopted by some of the ICID member countries was published in 1995. Subsequently, a comprehensive document "THE WATSAVE SCENARIO" comprising information received from 27 countries was published in 1997. The document was very well received not only by ICID member countries but by international organizations, as well. This document is a compilation in a different form. Besides bringing out in a generic sense selected experts across the world have contributed to enhance its contents. The case studies of successful water savings from Australia, Brazil, China, India, Egypt, Korea, Pakistan, South Africa, Spain, Turkmenistan, and USA are highlighted and as obvious, water saving efforts is more conspicuous in countries having significant irrigated agriculture. It is hoped that the innovative ideas and practices captured in this compilation would enthuse other countries and ICID's mission to spread 'best practices' would stand accomplished. This book will be a rich source of knowledge and reference work providing an inspiration for those professionals engaged in aspiring 'more and more crop per drop'.

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