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In addition to learning from past experiences, including mistakes, what definitely is required under the increasing complexities of supply, demand and uncertainties, is a breed of professionals that approach the irrigation and drainage issues with a more open mindset to accept the multi-dimensional aspects of the sector and are willing to undertake their activities in an inter-disciplinary context. With these long-term objectives in view, ICID had established a separate Working Group on Young Professionals Forum (WG-YPF) in 1993, which completed its mandate in 2015.

At the 65th International Executive Council (IEC) held at Gwangju, Korea, in September 2014, the Council approved establishing an ICID Young Professional’s e-Forum (IYPeF) with open membership. In order to throw an open ICID platform to all the Young Professionals interested in agriculture water management issues, the e-Forum was established as a new LinkedIn Group ( Click to join

IYPeF will not only acts as a virtual meeting place but also a platform that would serve as a stepping stone into annual events of ICID that would provide opportunities to the budding professionals for interaction with the best professionals in the irrigation and drainage sector, present papers, avail the latest information and join technical working groups.

Sponsorship of YPs to ICID Events

(a) Depending upon the fund availability 10 YPs will be sponsored every year to ICID Annual events out of which 5 YPs will be from nominations received from NCs, Coordinator, Joint Coordinator and the remaining three from IYPeF / Regional Groups; (b) ICID will cover expenses towards the participation of these 10 YPs under YP scholarship to ICID annual events; (c) Sponsored YPs will be eligible for next sponsorship only after a cooling-off period of 3 years in case they continue to contribute to ICID activities, especially in strengthening their country’s NC, where these exists. For more details, please refer [ Concept Note ]

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Also, refer to the African Young Water Professional Forum (Af-YWPF)


(i) Encourage and promote a high standard of professional development amongst the young professionals in the field of irrigation, drainage, and flood management; (ii) Provide an international platform for young irrigation and drainage professionals; (iii) Expose young professional to ICID's purpose, objectives, role and activities; (iv) Facilitate the wider dissemination of knowledge and information amongst the young professionals; and (v) Maintain and enhance links with national and international youth having interests in water related subjects or the activities, relevant to ICID objectives.

Established : 2016

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e-Discussions 2022

Innovation and Research in Agricultural Water Management to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals, 18 May 2022 - 1 June 2022
Eng. Ms. Aya Mohammed Hassan Ali Elkholy, Egypt (IYPeF Coordinator), and Dr. (Ms.) Heidi Salo (IYPeF Joint Coordinator)


This e-Discussion aims to bring together young professionals with expertise in the field of irrigation and drainage to discuss the topic “Innovation and Research in Agricultural Water Management to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals”... Background Note

Concluded e-Discussions 2019

  1. Non-conventional Water Use/re-use in IrrigationMentor: VPH Dr. Ragab Ragab, Principal Research Scientist at Ecology and Hydrology, UK; Co-ordinator: Dr. Eman R. Nofal, National Water Research Center (NWRC), Egypt (15-31 January 2019) – Background Note
  2. Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems: Exploring Opportunities and ThreatsMentor: Petra Schmitter – Research Group Leader - Agriculture Water Management, IWMI; Co-ordinator: Amali Abraham Amali – Graduate Student, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), University of Applied Sciences, TH-Köln Germany (15 February - 2 March 2019) – Background Note
  3. Soil Conditions to Ensure Sustainable Agriculture and Coping with Climate Change, Mentor: Dr. Abdul Walid Salek, Professor at Kabul University of Afghanistan and Co-ordinators Mr. Shoaib Saboory, Water Resources Consultant, World Bank, Mrs. Kathleen Murray, Extension Agronomist at Verterra Ecological Engineering (15 - 31 March 2019) – Background Note
  4. Flood Management in Agriculture (15-30 April 2019); Mentor: Vice President ICID Dr. Kamran Emami (Chairman WG-CAFM); Co-ordinator: Ms. Sahar Norouzi, River Engineering Expert in Iran Water Resource Management Company (Ministry of Energy) and Executive Secretary of IRNCID – Background Note
  5. Cost-effectiveness of Agricultural Field Drainage (15-31 May 2019), Mentor: Dr. Tena Alamirew Agumassie, Deputy Director and Head of Knowledge Generation Division, Water and Land Resources Center, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Co-ordinators: Mrs. Adey Nigatu Mersha – PhD Researcher, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Delft, The Netherlands, and Mrs. Kathleen Murray – Project Manager, Growcom, Australia – Background Note

Concluded e-Discussions 2018

  1. The Use of Groundwater for Sustainable Agriculture, Coordinator: Ms. Eman Ragab (15 January 2018) – Background Note
  2. On-farm efficiency for small scale farming, CoordinatorMr. Rafat Nael (15 February 2018) – Background Note
  3. Policy Options for Enhancing Food Security, Coordinator: Ms. Adey Mersha (15 March 2018) – Background Note
  4. Climate Change Impacts on Irrigation & Drainage, Coordinator: Mr. M. Shoaib Saboory (15 April 2018) – Background Note
  5. Farmer led Innovation for water efficiency, shared global success stories, Coordinator: Ms. Kathleen Heuvel (15-31 May 2018) - Background Note

Concluded e-Discussions 2017

  1. Water-Food-Energy Nexus in a Changing World (6 April 2017) - Background Note for e-Discussion [Coordinator: Ms. Adey Marsha]
  2. Gendered Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture (16 May to 3 June 2017) – Background Note for e-Discussion [Coordinator: Ms. Jakia Akter]
  3. Opportunities and Challenges of Drainage Development (9-30 June 2017) – Background Note for e-Discussion [Coordinator: Dr. Mika Turunen]
  4. On-farm efficiency for small scale farming (1st week of July 2017) – Background Note for e-Discussion [Coordinator: Mr. Rafat Nael]
  5. Role of irrigation in food security (1st week of August 2017) – Background Note for e-Discussion [Coordinator: Ms. Kathleen Heuvel]
  6. Discussion on Education in Irrigation and Drainage Sector, 15 July to 7 August 2016 - Background Note
  7. Discussion on Role of Women in Irrigation and Drainage Sector, 15 July to 7 August 2016 - Background Note
  8. Discussion on Role of New Technologies for Irrigation and Drainage, 17 August to 2 September 2016 - Background Note
  9. Sustainable Development of Tidal Areas,12-31 August 2016 - Background Note


Sl. No. Name Email Country Position
1 Eng. Ms. Aya Mohammed Hassan Ali Elkholy ay************* Egypt Coordinator
2 Dr. (Ms.) Heidi Salo he************* Finland Joint Coordinator
3 Dr. (Ms.) Eman Ragab Mohamed Nofal - Young Professional em************* Egypt Immediate Past Coordinator
4 Mr. Hassan Farahani hf************* Iran Immediate Past Joint Coordinator





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